"You don't score if your head's not in the game!" -Coach Tom

“You don’t score if your head’s not in the game!”
-Coach Tom

What does winning mean to you?

  • Is it being respected as an expert?
  • Is it being financially established in your profession?
  • Is it having lots of friends and clients?
  • Is it being a good provider for your loving family?

Hitting a homerun, closing that big deal or feeling confident and powerful, none of it happens when you aren’t in the game – and ON YOUR GAME.

Success is something everyone wants; but there is specific knowledge and certain skills you must have to be successful. With more than 40 years experience in business sales and management and athletic training, Coach Tom can determine exactly what you need and what you have to do to achieve the levels of success you desire.

  • You CAN develop positive attitudes and mindsets to create and attract success in everything you do!
  • You CAN expand your communication skills, honing them into tools to influence, persuade and convince.
  • You CAN build a successful and profitable business based on proven strategies and accountability!
  • You CAN grow your customer base and have clients seeking you when you are authentic and true to your values and vision!
  • You CAN reach more of your leadership potential to inspire and motivate others in your family, in your work and in your community!

A great coach can make the difference in the boardroom as well as on the field or court.  Just like every team needs a coach to keep them focused, to teach them new skills and to encourage and support them, if you want to win and be successful in work, life and play, you need Coach Tom on your side.

Keep your head in the game!



I give Tommy Richardson my highest recommendation as a mentor, coach, trainer and motivational speaker. - Brad Long

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